Today, AI-based solutions allow pharmaceutical companies to increase the effectiveness of omnichannel promotion for prescription medications (RX), thereby ensuring sales growth in a highly competitive market, as well as to predict demand for over-the-counter medications (OTC) and build optimal production plans.

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Improving the efficiency of omnichannel communications with healthcare professionals

The SBDA solution for pharmaceutical companies helps to calculate the impact of omnichannel communications with healthcare professionals and enhance their engagement with relevant brands. For each relevant therapeutic group and Rx-brand, artificial intelligence associates omnichannel communications data, product prescription data, and product sales data within a specific geography. The identified causal relationships are used in automated and semi-automated marketing and content plan optimization

active audience
increase in application experience
prescriptions divided by patient flow of targeted groups
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Optimized production planning

This solution is a system that increases production planning and shift scheduling efficiency in the SKU - work center - time period granularity. The program contains an optimization model for constructing production schedules, including expert rules that determine the manufacturing technology of each SKU and possible production restrictions. If required, this solution allows for rapid changes to production plans and significantly increases the speed of calculating various production scenarios.

product volumes
production costs
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