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Upstream integrated asset modeling (IAM) includes the reservoir, wellbore, pipeline network, and other elements of field development modeling. IAM facilitates production planning and helps to increase asset efficiency. Well operational control with the dashboards makes it possible to select the efficient mode, predict change in parameters and well shutdowns, and select the optimal well interventions. As for downstream, predictive models allow optimization of processing, transportation, and marketing operations.

Our solutions

Optimization of lubricant formulation process

This solution is an integrated platform for the R&D department and the laboratory. The system speeds up the formulation of new multicomponent oils by predicting physical properties and presenting test results for the newly formulated blends. It structures and analyzes all past experiments conducted by the R&D department and avoids known failures and unnecessary experiments. This solution also optimizes the finished product manufacturing process through effective product line management, considering production and logistics constraints.

product category costs
within the product portfolio
time saved
on formula development and optimization
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ESP failure prediction

Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) maintenance and repair predictive analytics enables to assess accident risks and efficiently plan equipment maintenance. Our application for ESP failure prediction and breakdowns causes determination makes it possible to detect unscheduled engine shutdowns in advance, which will reduce response time, repair work duration, and well downtime

pump downtime
oil well flow rate
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Production plan fulfillment by managing the total production rate of the well cluster

The solution calculates trends in expected fluid flow rates based on the analysis of well survey results, telemetry from wells and surface infrastructure. . The program allows to monitor key parameters and simulate the flow rate from each productive zone, as well as generate real-time recommendations to the operator on the necessary changes in the parameters of wells and surface equipment operating modes.

oil flow rate
operational costs
reducing the human factor’s influence in determining equipment operating modes
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