Mining assets and processing plants’ main parameters are production volume, processing rate, and the recovery ratio. Achieving production targets is ensured by modeling various scenarios, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing production processes using a digital twin of an asset. Digital advisors for averaging, grinding, flotation, and other processes as part of a single analytical solution make it possible to achieve the end-to-end optimization effect throughout the enterprise.

Our solutions

Optimization of ore blending process

A solution based on the forecasts of sensor values allows to predict potential deviations from the stable operation mode at all production stages of an ore processing plant. The program records sensor readings (growth and decline, surges and drops, going beyond the green and yellow corridors) and, in real-time, according to set algorithms, gives the plant dispatcher the recommendation on equipment parameter setting or on the charge to be supplied from various warehouses.

ore plant production rate
technical readiness factor
Dispatcher expertise
correlations between sensor readings and charge characteristics
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Ore treatment refinery strategic and operational planning optimization

At its base, this solution is a digital twin of the Mining Processing Plant for scenario modeling and building optimal plans for ore enrichment. The optimization module is fed by a directed production chain graph, expected raw material availability, and a predicted plant technical readiness factor. The calculation result is a set of highly accurate plans for supplying raw materials from intermediate warehouses to the refinery. Following these plans, ore treatment refinery dispatchers ensure reaching strategic and operational goals.

production plan accuracy
avoiding plant bottleneck overloads
when following optimal plans
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