Employing artificial intelligence technologies is not a question of choice but rather an essential task for maintaining and entrenching a competitive position in the banking services market. Our AI-based solutions help banks improve marketing and sales performance through personalized communications, increased engagement, refined product recommendations, personalized tariff plans, and customer churn prevention.

Our solutions

Omnichannel promotion optimization

In the banking sector, effective omnichannel communications with consumers is required for attracting new customers, onboarding, offering banking products and partner services, debt collection, and other fundamental processes. The SBDA solution is based on the analysis of a large amount of data, depending on the goal of the communication campaign, selecting pairs like "consumer - offer" or "consumer - key message", as well as predicting the best follow-up action to increase the likelihood of a beneficial scenario for the bank. Artificial Intelligence learns from successful and negative cases and selects the optimal communication channel, format, date and time for interaction between the bank and the consumer.

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Personalized communications in digital channels

The SBDA solution automates creating and sending messages across digital channels by using mathematical models for audience segmentation, customer profiling, and prediction of customer experiences. This solution increases user engagement through more relevant communications and, as a result, increases sales along with the number of transactions in a mobile application.

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