Our mission is to make your data work for you

Data is an asset that every company should use to optimize their technological and business processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness. That is what SBDA does. We help companies improve their efficiency and effectiveness by converting their data into actionable insights. This allows our clients to generate additional income using a resource they already have, gaining a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing market of the 21st century.

Our approach

Carefully selecting processes worth optimizing with AI
Not all processes are worth optimizing with ML/AI technologies. The first criterion is the expected economic effect that will be gained by our client if the process is optimized: we focus on key processes where even a few percent of optimization may bring significant financial benefit for the customer. Secondly, the optimized process should be regular, which will ensure that SBDA’s clients get the economic benefit on a regular basis. Thirdly, there should be sources of data describing the process. If these three criteria are met, we come into play.
Not replacing, but strengthening a human
Properly applied technologies of data gathering, processing, and analytics increase individuals’ efficiency and their quality of work. AI helps in routine operations when precision, speed, and ability to analyze massive amounts of data are required, while creative problem-solving stays solely with humans. We believe that people can be assisted by AI, not replaced.
Time-To-Market Cut
For an AI-based business application, time-to-market (TTM) is essential - waiting years for a new solution to be developed and implemented is no longer an option given the speed at which technology, industries, and market trends are changing. We understand that, and that is why we designed and built the SBDA platform - to improve TTM.
Combination of unique technologies and domain expertise
We speak to you in the language of your industry and business, focusing on your specific business needs. Our team is strengthened with prominent domain experts and uses cutting-edge technologies to bring best practices and ensure ROI.
Fine-tuned customized solutions: 100% fitted to your business
We provide flexibility through tailored need-based solutions - no two businesses are alike, and, as optimization is the goal, there’s no room for unnecessary features and irrelevant modules in your AI-empowered business app: SBDA ensures that our solutions are a perfect fit for your business and production processes.

Our History


The future founders and first SBDA employees worked in the largest European tech companies, search engines, and global vendors, focusing on data analytics and data processing before it became a mainstream or a viable business model. They would soon change that.

Seeing the untapped potential in data, they forged into data analysis, pushing to find a way that this emerging field could benefit the Business.

We founded a company in Dublin and started making data work for businesses.

Data in banks

Continued exploration into new ways of using data and data analysis to aid companies in generating more income and benefits for themselves and their clients led us to a compelling discovery. We found that most banks had access to a large amount of data they weren’t using to improve their services (many banks still face this problem). So we started addressing this problem, and banks became our first clients.


Greater demand required expansion, so we opened our first foreign development office in Eastern Europe.


Continued development and research showed that data processing needs and technologies are similar across different industries. In response, we developed and launched our platform AI Kit - a packaged set of the best industry-leading open-source and SBDA proprietary technologies for data collection, predictive model training, and business apps development, cutting time-to-market for a new solution by almost 80%.



At this point in our history, SBDA has already developed numerous applications and solutions which are used by industry-leading businesses representing various industries across Europe and the whole world. They share the faith we have in the incredible team we have built together.

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