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We create solutions based on data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize technological and business processes. Everyday SBDA algorithms improve the functioning of the largest banks, retail chains, oil and gas companies, and other industrial enterprises in Europe and across the globe.

Market leaders choose SBDA


up to 80%
time cut
for an AI-based business app development

Time-to-market reduction with SBDA AI Kit

How it works

Up to 80% of the code of business applications

is ready, as it consists of the SBDA AI Kit components 

AI Kit Modules & Services

Parser of external data sources
Graph bandwidth simulator
Manual rules management interface
Forecast matching system
Interactive dashboards
Optimizer over ML predictions
System of rights and access
Trigger analytical system
String entity cleanup system
Time series prediction system
Forecast post-checking system
20+ other components

Business Application Examples

Digital Advisor for the ore treatment refinary dispatcher
The system for building optimal ore blending & processing plans based on the analysis of production data to maximize productivity and recovery rates.
FMCG Trade Marketing Planning & Optimization System
The system generates the optimal trade marketing plan that ensures reaching targets in terms of KPIs such as margin, turnover, and ROI.
The system of PFM recommendations in bank’s digital communication channels
The system generates personalized financial advice & lifestyle tips for the users based on the data analytics of their transactions with plastic cards as well as information from external sources.

SBDA AI Kit Components

Data science infrastructure

ML model serving system
Data science environment
Models, datasets & metrics versioning system

Machine learning and AI algorithms

Customized pipelines for solving typical tasks: time series forecasting, recommendation systems, etc.
Mathematical Optimization Models

User interface

UI Components
User authentication system

General infrastructure

Deployment system for business applications
Connectors to external systems
User access rights system

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