Predictive maintenance

Improve asset availability, reliability and integrity while optimizing maintenance costs and mitigating operational risks

Reduce the downtime of your production facility by predicting and preventing equipment failures, provide your operations teams with actionable insights in order to avoid or mitigate machinery breakdowns. Join the industry 4.0 digital transformation journey by embracing machine learning, a disruptive technology that uses real time data in order to provide notices on equipment malfunction or failures months in advance.

Comprehensive forecast

Increase the accuracy of your tactical, operational and strategic planning

SBDA solution streamlines the planning process among various departments of asset-heavy companies. With several clicks you can generate the most optimal repair schedule, raw materials mix and finished products mix, as well as the optimal production rates throughout the planned period.


Digital twin

Digitize assets and processes to guarantee the most optimal production and manufacturing results

By digital twins we mean software models of existent physical assets and processes. Comparison of modelled states versus observed states of your assets helps to choose optimal working regimes for a particular piece of equipment or, for example, to realize the maximum production capacity of the whole plant. Through the analysis of digitized processes it is easy to identify bottlenecks or growth points. Moreover, you can hold risk-free experiments on your software replica in order to see what results can be achieved if and when new machinery is bought, new raw materials are loaded, the production of a new product is launched.