Mobile engagement

Increase customer engagement with mobile banking

Leverage the power of transactional and merchants’ data to transform mobile banking to an engaging communication channel and boost performance up to 30%

Relevant tips

Provide your customers with highly personalized tips

SBDA platform provides targeted tips and advice that cover almost every aspect of a customer’s life helping them to make better financial decisions.

Merchants data

Leverage the power of AI and the data from 10,000+ merchants

SBDA combines internal banking data with publicly available merchants’ data from thousands of external sources and transforms this mix into thousands of tips providing relevant and valuable information for each individual.

Revenue stream

Receive additional revenue stream

SBDA have commercial negotiations with hundreds of merchants that are ready to pay for marketing communications in the banking app resulting in an additional revenue stream for the bank.


Boost cross-sales in mobile up to 30% with engaging content

Engage customers before selling. Tips approach builds a trusted communication channel that can be monetized by adopted cross-sell offers.


Cope with GDPR giving your customer a reason to approve data processing

Customers are much more likely to accept data processing when see the value for them that tips provide.

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SBDA is trusted by a number of top-tier FI’s, including:


A leading European universal banking group


Increase banking app usage


SBDA prepares thousands of personalized messages containing merchants’ offers or banking services in the format of stories on the main banking app screen. By analyzing customers transactions SBDA selects most relevant of them each time the customer opens the app, thus creating a feed with useful tips that attract customers to check it regularly.


30% DAU/MAU uplift, 16% banking services usage uplift

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