Precise forecast

Increase the accuracy of your demand and supply plans

Easily create and monitor the approval of new sales plans. Build forecasts based on historical data, planned activities and machine learning methods. No data science skills required – system prepares data, runs forecasting models and builds up analytical reports automatically.


What-if analysis

Optimize promo plans with a comprehensive what-if analysis tool

Assess the potential of your marketing campaigns by predicting sales with a model which accounts for promotional, seasonal, cannibalization and halo effects. Change parameters of promo activities, apply expert corrections to forecasts and compare several promo scenarios in a flexible user interface.


Automatic insights

Take control for sales plans in real time

Get automatic alerts to account for divergence from promotional metrics targets, for potential out-of-stock or declined on-shelf-availability. Configure business rules for automatic stock orders. Account for strategic, tactical and operational reports, detalize statistics by specific products or locations, compare forecasted and actual KPIs.

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One of the largest food retailers in Europe


Increase demand forecast accuracy, Assess the efficiency of promo plans


A machine learning based system, trained on 300+ factors for forecasting demand at 15,000+ stores and 60,000+ product items; customer analytics and segmentation tool; external analytical solution for suppliers and distributors


Forecasting model is 10%+ more accurate than leading alternative forecasting solutions

One of the biggest fast food chains in the world


Increase demand forecast accuracy, augent promo planning with data analysis


Demand forecasting model built on 100+ factors; What-If forecasting model which separates the effects of different promo activities and automatically adjusts to manual expert corrections; Flexible user interface with instruments for reporting and business analysis


30% decrease in demand forecasting error, advanced promo planning toolkit, reduction in stock management expenses

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