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You don’t need analysts, developers and designers for your campaigns any more


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Forget about MCC codes, bills and other technical instances – see the real world behind your customers’ data

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Real-time querying and fully automated communication targeting and delivery

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Marrying inside banking data with social networks and internet activity we empower your marketing abilities

Real world behind your data

Banks have huge amounts of data on their customers. Each time a bank’s customer makes a payment, the bank’s database gets a new piece of data. But most of this data is presented in technical and non-intuitive way.

All these MCC’s, merchant descriptions and other technical data can hardly be interpreted by marketing and product managers. Meanwhile real world stands behind all this data, saturated with plenty of real events. This events provide a cutting edge targeting for any marketing purpose – should it be offering of banking service, partner commercial offer or just an everyday tip.

SBDA Customer Insight is the solution that saves months of work of your developers, marketing managers and analysts and set up the efficient targeted offers creation process, based on real life events of your customers.

This is Amy, the marketing manager. She wants to make an offer of a loan for customers who are making renovations right now.

Amy's current workflow

How does Amy solve this task now?

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Firstly, she goes to the developer because she needs a database snapshot. The developer, of course, will help her, but not until next week because he’s busy.

Secondly, Amy brings the snapshot to the analyst. After a while the analyst can spare some time to help Amy select the people who have recently made large purchases in hardware stores.

Now Amy goes to the graphic designer and they make an ad. After sample updating and approving the campaign is ready to be launched.

Customer Insight workflow

What if Amy could see her customers’ actual life instead of raw data and handle all communication making on her own?

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Customer Insight enables Amy to select customers by their real world activities from your database – we call it «insights». Marrying bank internal data with external information, such as social networks events, SBDA’s advanced mathematical models let Amy see real world of bank’s customers. So on the first step she deals with insights instead of raw data – she just chooses insights «doing a renovation» and «has no savings» to receive sample of customers she needs. Bank’s analysts and data scientists are not required.

We’ve already developed over 300 insights which enable us to create highly targeted client groups. And it doesn’t just describe the clients’ past and present, but also predict the future: for example, Amy can choose «tends to churn» or «is going to get married» as well.

Secondly, Amy adds a picture and sends out the loan offers via Customer Insight user interface. She doesn’t have to distract developers and designers, and it took her only a few minutes instead of weeks to make a sample, compose a communication and launch a campaign. If digital channels SDK is implemented, customers receive offers in banking app in real time.

Customers respond to offers depending on if they liked them or not. Model retraining module gets feedback and improves its mathematical models – insights become more precised. So, the longer you use SBDA Customer Insight, the more precise your marketing can be.

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