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SBDA and FinSight Ventures close Series A round

SBDA and FinSight Ventures close Series A round


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Why hidden opportunities in data are the key to maintaining long term banking relationships


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SBDA Group delivers machine learning that allows banks to offer a personalized and automated financial advice service to their customers. This helps banks to scale personalized financial support and services using the power of artificial intelligence.


SBDA Group sees pending PSD2 regulation as an opportunity

SBDA Group sees pending PSD2 regulation as an opportunity


SBDA is trusted by a number of top-tier FI’s, including:

Data is a reflection of real life

Deliver the right message at the right time, triggered by your customers’ real-life events. By leveraging AI with 500+ events, based on 10,000+ features, SBDA Technology enables marketers and CRM managers to deliver stellar performance for banks and highly engaging promotions for customers.

Imagine that you can leverage 500+ triggers underlined by real-life events of your customers to promote the most likely product for each customer in each life situation. Imagine that you can do it at scale with seamless integration into current infrastructure.

SBDA Technology uses retail banking data and 500+ AI-based real life events to automatically personalize your product offerings and promotions. With SBDA, launch high-impact, event-based cross-sell and upsell campaigns right from your existing campaign management platform.

How does it work?

Why SBDA Technology?


Leveraging real-life events, SBDA Technology has been shown to boost performance by 10 to 30 percent, depending on product type.


SBDA Technology can fully integrate into your existing campaign management platform in 30 days.


Your team of data scientists and developers can customize the platform to deliver optimal business results.


Connect with your customers on a more personal level by leveraging real-life events to anticipate their expectations.

Bank sales in
a digital channel

Number of selling touch-points
with a customer

from offers

Each interaction with a customer is an opportunity for the bank to influence a customer's behaviour, regardless of whether or not a customer has made a decision to buy. Many banks currently underutilize their digital capabilities. However, in a digital world, it is important that this channel becomes an integral place for banks to communicate with their customers.

Banks have information about all financial situations in their customers lives. However, they are only able to help their customers in a limited way.

There is a large amount of information freely available on the internet that can help customers beyond what the bank can offer.

Digital communications are much more flexible than other classic bank’s communications and should be used to help customers with all aspects of their financial life

The SBDA platform transforms retail digital channels into an engaging personal financial assistant by distributing highly targeted valuable tips to customers

  • Engage Retail customers with valuable recommendations related to their financial life

  • After customers are engaged, the bank can monitize their relationship by sending them targeted offers:

SBDA provides at least one new relevant tip per week for 80% of active customers

1,000 +

automatically created tips that are continuously improved with customers’ reactions using AI and can be manually modified and approved by bank employees

10,000 +

external sources, such as merchant websites, newsletters, etc, are analysed by advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques

500 +

customers real life events are extracted from internal banking data about customers which creates the relevance and personalisation

Results after using SBDA

3X increase of
digital engagement

Providing retail customers with really valuable and personal financial tips, the bank engages the customers

Banking services sales
increase by 14-37%

By increasing engagement, the bank increases the number of selling touch-points with a customer

30 points
NPS increase

The bank gives retail customers a reason to stay, which is extremely important in the Open Banking era

Easy integration with popular CRM and DMP providers:

Featured case study


Using the SBDA platform, Raiffeisen Bank started using the customer-centric or event-based approach.There was a separate event for each customer’s life situation (e.g. “doing a renovation”, “going on vacation”, “planning to change a car”, etc.). The platform automatically defines or predicts these events; then, they are matched with the bank's offers and are sent to customers. Customers receive highly personalized communications like “Chilling in the bar now? Get a taxi with discount” or “Going on vacation? Check out the bank's services that will help you in your destination”.


As seen from the chart, SBDA improved results significantly. The bank conducted an A/B-test, where A was usual campaign management process in Raiffeisen Bank and B was the process leveraging the SBDA platform. This chart shows the uplift of B, as compared to A in terms of offer redemption, depending on the type of offer.

Transform your mobile banking app into a proactive personal financial assistant for your customers. With SBDA for Digital Banking your bank can engage customers with 500+ of ready real-life tips and advice based on right mix of a retail bank's internal data and publicly available data about merchants from 10,000+ external sources. Give your customers a reason to stay with your bank while switching is becoming easier in an open banking world.

Imagine that your mobile app can play an essential role in your customers’ lives. Imagine that you can provide timely, relevant and personal advice to your customers based on their financial behaviour on the things that matter to them most helping them to make wise financial decisions, increasing their engagement and NPS significantly.

SBDA for Digital Banking extracts valuable information from thousands of information sources (such as merchant’s websites), joins it with the internal banking data and, as a result, assembles hundreds of targeted tips and advice that cover almost every aspect of a customer’s life. Every tip is personalized based on the customer’s real-life events and predictions done using proprietary AI models.

For example, customer that is going to travel soon and uses airport lounges from time to time might receive the following tip: “Book the airport lounge online in advance and save €25 per visit. Doing this over the last 3 months could have saved you €75”.

  • Personal financial insights

    Give your customers personal contextual insights on their spendings, covering most of their daily actions, life situations and events

  • Banking products recommendations

    Help customers to find the most relevant banking products saving him time on finding necessary information

  • Relevant offering

    Anticipate customers’ needs offering services or products relevant to their lifestyle at the moment and also providing them an additional profit (cashback, discount, etc.)

  • On-boarding and app highlights tips

    Bring a real value of the banking app by helping customers to solve their everyday problems more quickly and easily

  • Planning, monitoring and analyzing

    Help your customers to plan budget with category spendings predictions and provide them an easy way to monitor and analyze their spendings helping them stick with the plan

Why SBDA Technology?


Deliver highly personal communications to your customers based on targeting models that are continuously enriched by updated banking data and customer feedback to perfect the relevance of tips and advice.

Thousands of external sources

Automated collection and analysis of large variety of external sources allows SBDA to provide at least one relevant tip per week for 80% of active customers

set up

Get hundreds of tips based on thousands of sources right out of the box and launch new communications in minutes


SBDA is extending the number of sources and tips and maintaining the relevance of information provided by these tips on an ongoing basis

Featured case study

Alfa Sense – the new generation mobile banking app of Alfa-Bank, powered by SBDA Digital Banking. The app predicts why the each particular customer at each particular time may want to use the app and personalizes content based. In some cases, the app sends customers proactive push-notification. Unlike classic banking apps, different users of Sense at the moment or the same user at different moments see a different picture – depending on what they really need.

4x growth

in app payments volume, after implementing SBDA Digital Banking

5% conversion rate

Over 5% of clients made in-app purchases of targeted partner services

+15% customers

Viral effect in which each 100 customers of Sense attracted 15 new customers

The world is changing

We are living in the age of personalized technologies - clients are used to online services and understand them at a glance. Search engines know users’ query history and personalize results. Hotel reservation services know the kinds of hotels users like and their plans for future trips. Music streaming services know what music a user likes, so they plays only what the user would like to hear. Moreover, of fitness trackers give tips on the best time to go to bed and wake user at the most appropriate time.

But banks remain the same

Modern algorithms made it possible to give users personalized services at the cost of mass ones. And clients are used to it. At the same time, the banking services are still not personalized. Most of the banks don’t utilize the data they have on the client, giving him or her knowingly irrelevant offers. Also the Internet and mobile banking services are the same for every client, but each client is different and uses different bank products. These banking services allow the client to complete his tasks but you can’t say the bank really helped him. The bank plays the role of the utilitarian tool. And such tools are hardly differentiated from each other. This leads to the point where the main decision-making factor becomes cost . For example, if the client needs money, he will go to the bank with the lowest APR, but not to the one he uses everyday.

And we are eager to break that

The main idea of the SBDA platform is helping banks to make a strategic move from a utilitarian tool to a personal financial assistant. To unleash the power of the data the bank has or can get, to become a service that understands customers’ financial situation better than anyone else and predictively and proactively helps customer to solve everyday tasks related with the finance.

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SBDA is trusted by a number of top-tier FI’s, including: